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TODD PRIDE, Principal, brings over 30 years of cross-market and cross-sector business and nonprofit strategy, marketing, consumer activation, and public relations success to major rural and urban markets waiting to connect through the right, trusted messenger.


RACHEL ROBERTS, consulting advisory partner, brings over 20 years of urban- and institution-based social and educational marketing, messaging and information dissemination to large institutional clients whose multi-million dollar contracts require cross-sector collaboration, consensus and action to effect systemic and consumer changes.


Introduced over 10,000 urban students and their families to multilevel participant and fan-based outdoors recreation.


  • Trained over 2,000 community program professionals in conservation, wildlife, outdoors, and agriculture education and activities.


  • Listened to rural businesses, outdoors and wildlife groups, recreation retailers, farmers, and conservation organizations tell about what hurts their businesses.


  • Diversified the consumer and program-participant bases of fishing, hunting, wildlife and outdoors groups.


  • Brought outdoors recreation to urban centers such as Philadelphia, Chester, Dover, Wilmington, and Baltimore.


  • Developed private equity focus of Phila. industrial companies through leadership of the Urban Equity Partners Group and Member of the Phila. Foundation's Investment Committee.


  • Developed a Crowd Funding model structure for non-accredited individual investors participation in private investments in small companies through leadership of Sullivan Community Capital LLC - model created through State of Connecticut's Dept. of Securities approval for these groups through the LLC corporate structure.


  • Expanded the PA Game Commission into the Phila. market through repositioning the agency's urban marketing focus in the city.


  • Recruited to Phila. and managed the 1st major TV professional fishing tournament (Bassmaster Elite Series) to come to a major urban market, created the event theme of the "Health of the Delaware River" and broke the 40-year national attendance records of these TV events and leading to continuous rebroadcasting by ESPN to 100 million U.S. households >> creating foundation for health of our areas natural resource waterways.


  • Led the investment of over $100 million to after-school and summer program organizations over the past decade for over 17,000 students and families annually.

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